Bourbon Vanille Paste

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Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has been crafting the world’s finest vanillas and flavours since 1907. Founded by Richard Massey, who later partnered with Chatfield Nielsen, Sr, the company is still a family-owned operation run by the third generation of Nielsens: CEO Craig Nielsen, COO Matt Nielsen and Chief Culinary Officer, Director-International Beth Nielsen.

Having grown up with the company and amidst the rich aroma of vanilla, they’ve spent their entire lives learning, studying and researching the best methods to produce pure flavors as well as how to achieve the best results in recipes and applications.

Crafted using a famous Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and real seeds from the vanilla pod, this culinary paste, which has a thicker consistency similar to molasses, enables you to add more delicious vanilla flavor without thinning out your batters or sauces. It’s also ideal for products such as frozen desserts, baked goods, icing and ice cream, in which you want to add the enticing visual flair of vanilla seeds. 

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